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Why Live and Love Vibrantly?

I remember so vividly, sitting in my critical thinking class during freshman year of college, analyzing Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. In the allegory, Plato describes prisoners in the cave who have been chained since birth, and have lived their whole lives facing the back wall of the cave. They only see images of objects that are cast on the wall from shadows of a fire behind them as others move the objects. It isn’t until one of the prisoners is forcefully released from his chains, kicking and screaming, thrown into the world outside of the cave that he sees light, flowers, water for the first time, and experiences the beauty that was hidden from him his entire life.

Blinded by the sunlight and struggling to gather himself, he eventually begins to see how truly amazing the outside world is, and slowly appreciates the abundance that is around him. Filled with awe and amazement, the prisoner vows to never go back to being a prisoner in the cave and to only step foot inside for the sole purpose of releasing the other prisoners so they too can experience the wondrous beauty. When I learned that in essence, we are the prisoners of the cave, prisoners of our minds, our pasts, prisoners of what society wants us to believe, goosebumps filled my entire body. That insight overwhelmed me with chills and fascination. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized those chills I had that day were an indication that my mission in life is to free myself of those chains, become enlightened of the wisdom available to us outside of the prison of our conditionings, and inspire others to free themselves as well in order to live more joyous lives. Live and Love Vibrantly is a vehicle for facilitating such growth.

The intended focus of this blog is to bring awareness about the inner processes and old paradigms that may be preventing you from having the life and love that you desire. Concepts provided in this blog are not meant to serve as a quick-fix, or offer a bunch of dating tips. My objective is to share with you insights, wisdom, perspectives and tools that will help inspire you to free yourself from past conditionings, which you may not even be aware of but have been unconsciously producing the results you’ve been experiencing. I have seen and worked with so many people who have felt stuck in unfulfilling relationships, careers and situations yet felt helpless to circumstances. They didn’t believe it was possible for them to have what they truly wanted; however, by working with the tools they quickly transformed their thoughts, feelings, actions and results. There is another way. You can take control over your life, feel more loved, joyful, confident and fulfilled. It begins with a willingness to become aware, to set an intention for growth and allow the process of manifestation to lead you to your desired life and relationships. Live and Love Vibrantly is meant to empower you to embrace your brilliance and self-worth, to no longer allow fear and self-doubt have power over you. You deserve the best in life and love.

A Brief Story of my Journey

My deeply seeded passions are in the areas of love and personal development. I feel the most fulfilled when I am able to help people find themselves, and uplift them so that they feel happier, manifest amazing things into their lives and enjoy the love that they have been longing for. I can relate to that painful feeling of longing for something or someone, from feeling helpless and devastated with life. From an early age I suffered from depression, I had a very negative outlook on life, low-esteem and did not feel supported by anyone, including God (or as I now call it, “Source” or “the universe”). It was me against the world and I begged for things to be different, to feel a glimpse of happiness. Even the littlest moments of happiness evaded me, it felt fleeting and never entirely mine to embrace. As I grew older, it became more of a low-grade depression, with the feelings of disconnection and pessimism. I always thought that maybe if I had x, y, and z, then I will be happy. Later on, I was accepted into and graduated from a top university, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and I believed that this would bring me happiness; yet, I still felt that I was missing something in my life. I didn’t know what. Deep within my inner knowing, I believed that I was destined for something great, but it seemed only like a distant dream.

The inner battle was playing itself out in my romantic relationships as well. I attracted men who couldn’t fully love and commit to me, who triggered feelings that I wasn’t good enough, and that something was inherently wrong with me. From one heartbreak after another, I couldn’t bear the pain anymore, I had to change. Before entering law school in my early twenties, I become obsessed with self-help books and learning from the best thought leaders about anything and everything, including: relationships, spirituality, fear, the mind, the list goes on. I was committed to transforming my life. By learning all of the wisdom I was receiving and applying them daily, my low-grade depression disappeared, I found hope and happiness again. Of course there were many ups and downs along the way; however, I was able to shed away the layers of conditioning, retrain my brain and find my authentic self. By implementing the tools regularly, I manifested miraculous opportunities into my life, such as an internship with Angels Baseball’s legal department, found the love of my life, and most importantly, I found myself. Everyone noticed the changes and wondered how I was doing it. By honoring my personal power, I found the courage to pursue my calling in life, i.e. coaching, rather than continue the path of being an attorney like my 12-year-old self had imagined and others had expected. Because of the years of inner work I did to change my life completely, I am here to share how you too can create a wonderful life that is completely unrecognizable.

Why the name “Live and Love Vibrantly”

 During my spiritual journey of personal development, I was so fascinated with energetic healing and expansion of consciousness. One day, while listening to the teachings of an energetic healer, Christie Marie Sheldon, I heard about a book by Dr. David Hawkins called Power vs. Force. Essentially, Dr. David Hawkins discusses in the book the levels of consciousness and their corresponding frequency of energetic vibrations. Because thoughts and feelings are energy, each emotion has different levels of frequency, love, joy, peace and enlightenment being the highest. By doing the inner work to raise our consciousness and release limiting thoughts that cause negative emotions, we are able to raise our energetic vibrations to feel more love, joy, happiness, peace and fulfillment. Thus, we begin to live and love more vibrantly.

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    I am so proud of the woman you have become. I can’t wait to read more of your posts and see where life takes you. Congratulations, dear! Xoxo

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