Authentic Living

My Journey to Authentic Living

The most common question I still receive from people who know me when I tell them I’m a life coach is, “Wait, weren’t you in law?” 

To some it may seem that I woke up one day and decided I wanted to be a life coach, to help people improve the quality of their lives and attract their ideal relationships. That in the process, I threw away years of education, legal training, not to mention the thousands of dollars I had invested into pursuing a career in law. Continue reading

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Find Love by Embracing Your Value

When it comes to relationships, do you find yourself staying in the relationship longer than necessary? Maybe the relationship has completed itself — you’ve broken up or don’t emotionally connect anymore– but you still hold on and can’t seem to move past it. Or maybe you have a history of dating men (or women) who don’t seem to appreciate you, take all that they can from you, yet leave you feeling disappointed, disrespected and low about yourself. Continue reading

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