Manifest Any Goal with Visualization

Having started reading the Success Principles by Jack Canfield and experienced my own personal success recently, I’m inspired to share about the power of visualization and how to effectively use visualization to manifest your desires.

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Nowadays the concept of visualization isn’t necessarily new, considering the momentum personal development and teachings of the law of attraction have gained over the years. Nonetheless, everyone can benefit from either learning about how to visualize effectively or being reminded to implement it into a daily practice.

About Visualization

First of all, what is visualization and how does it work? Essentially, visualization is the “act of creating vivid images in your mind,” as Jack Canfield explains.

Creating these images in your mind about the desires you’d like to manifest is powerful because it activates the creative powers of your subconscious mind, instructs your brain to notice resources, solutions, and ideas to draw your desires to you, as well as magnetizing the right people and opportunities.

The beauty of visualization is that your mind does not know the difference between visualizing something and actually engaging in the act!

Olympic athletes use visualization all of the time as a tool for helping them prepare to win, as well as business professionals, speakers, and just about anyone can benefit from this powerful tool.

5 Steps for Effective Visualizations

1. The first part of the process is to spend time thinking about your goals.

Consider what you really want to experience, have in your life and write them goal.

The most successful people put pen to paper when setting intentions for their goals, because the act of writing creates neural connections and your brain goes to work on the things you write down. It also helps to see it on paper so you can always be reminded of the things you deeply desire.

2. Spend time imagining your goal actualized and fulfilled.

After you have clarity of focus, the second step is to take time in either the morning or before bed, close your eyes and imagine having your goals actualized. What would it be like if your dreams became a reality? Play it out and allow your imagination to have fun picturing the person you would be if your goals/dreams came true.

3. Hear any sounds you might hear when you successfully achieve your goal.

What would it sound like? Would people be cheering? Would you receive congratulations from others? Pay attention to the sounds you would hear.

4. Pay attention to the feelings you will have when you successful reach your goals.

Would you feel excited? Proud? Elated? Allow yourself to really feel how amazing it would be to have what you want.

This is the most important step, because the more you feel the emotions, the more powerful the process will be in attracting your desires to you. You will embody the energy of your desires and it will already be real for you, even if it’s just in your mind… for now!

Sometimes people aren’t able to really feel the emotions of their goals actualized, because perhaps they doubt that it’s possible for them, or have trouble being aligned with their goals. There may be some beliefs or limitations that are preventing the manifestation– these would need to be addressed before fully being in the receptive mode of your goals.

I can help you clear away the blocks.

5. The last step is to REPEAT.

Sometimes whatever you visualize about will happen so quickly, other times you may have to continue to visualize on the same goal for a little while before it starts manifesting. You’ll know it’s working when ideas towards your goal pop in your mind, people show up to support you, unexpected opportunities occur and you can literally feel a momentum building.

An example of how powerful visualizing your goals can be

Recently, I wanted to manifest a PR opportunity to help reach a larger audience with my message and coaching services. I played around in my mind with what it would be like to have exposure on a large media platform.

A few days later, someone I had met at a networking mixer sent me an email about an opportunity to be featured in a well-known website (www.inspiremetoday.com) for inspirational people and insights.

I was excited that a step towards my PR goal came to me! I followed the queries and wrote a 500 word article talking about what wisdom I would impart on humanity if today was my last day on this planet. All that was left was to wait for them to approve it. I was told it could take a few weeks.

In that meantime, I visualized what it would be like to get that email saying, “Congratulations!” sharing the news with everyone, the excitement I would feel about having my article shared with readers in over 180 countries. I allowed that excitement, sense of accomplishment, and joy of the possibilities envelop my being. It felt great!

Just a couple days ago, exactly as I had imagined during those two weeks, I got the email saying, “Congratulations!” Immediately I felt excited, honored and blessed that they chose to feature me as an “Inspirational Luminary” in an upcoming publication set for Sept. 1, 2015. Joy filled my entire being, and in that moment I knew that this was a result of my visualizations, believing that it was possible for me as well as the actions I took to make it happen.

Best of all, I received another email acknowledging that my article was given the highest ranking AND I was offered a position to write regularly for their blog!

This and many other amazing manifestations can happen for you too. It may happen quickly or after sometime, but the truth is, visualization is powerful and, when done effectively, can yield you mind-blowing results.

For more information or help on visualizing, schedule a free assessment by clicking here. I’d love to support you in creating your ideal life and love.

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