How to Infuse More Play in Your Day

Remember when you were a child and how much you loved to play? You had so much joy in being silly, play games with other kids and didn’t have a care in the world. As the years went on and “reality” set in, you become overwhelmed with commitments, work, maybe even have a family and children of your own, that you forgot what it was like to play. I hear so often how people wish they could go back and be a kid again.

I remember in law school, one of my professors gave a rather depressing reality check when she said that if you decide to become a practicing attorney, you have to choose between being successful with lots of money, or if you want to be happy and enjoy life. This dichotomy did not settle well with me. Unfortunately this is true for so many adults who are career-driven and either don’t have time for fun, or forgot how to let loose.

Just as play is essential for children, it is just as important for adults to incorporate some fun, silliness and games into their daily life. Studies also show that engaging in fun activities can improve your health, emotional well-being and lessen stress. It can raise our vibration by experiencing more joy, feeling rejuvenated, revitalized while also fostering stronger social bonds.

George Bernard Shaw said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” As we grow, we lose certain child-like qualities that are essential for our overall emotional well-being; qualities such as:

  • Being open
  • Trusting
  • Sincerity
  • Being authentic
  • Curiosity and having wonder at the smallest things
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Generosity
  • Feeling adventurous
  • Unconditional love

How you can add a little Play into your Day

Even if you are super busy all of the time, here are some simple ideas for adding a bit of fun and play into your daily routine to uplift your mood, spark creativity and feel young again.

  • Share jokes with co-workers and friends
  • Turn on music and dance while getting ready for work or school
  • Sing in your car while driving
  • Give yourself permission to be silly without worrying about how you’ll look to others or feel self-cautious
  • Play games with your spouse, child, or friends. Not only are games fun but games such as chess, word puzzles, cards and actual puzzles improve brain function and ward off depression!
  • Use your imagination to create fantasies or fun adventures
  • Laugh more
  • Don’t take yourself so seriously; make fun of awkward situations or if you mess up
  • Develop a playful nature
  • Remain curious and play with possibilities
  • Schedule activities that you enjoy and allow you to be physical. It helps to get out of your head and into your body. Yoga, sports, and recreational activities are perfect for this purpose
  • Play with pets and animals. They are always in the mood to play!
  • Play with children. Being around children and their youthful vigor is contagious
  • If brainstorming with co-workers, find a creative way to come up with ideas
  • Embrace your inner-child. Engage in things that you enjoyed doing as a child and add more of that into your life
  • Take time away from technology and really engage in personal interactions
  • Be more spontaneous and uninhibited
  • Surround yourself with playful, humorous people; it’ll loosen you up
  • Engage your artsy side more; draw, write, paint, etc.
  • Go on hikes or play ball in the backyard

Whatever it is, do more of what makes you happy on a regular basis. Make it a habit and enjoy yourself!

Please share what you really enjoy doing and what fun activities you intend to do more of :)

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