Why Smart Women May Scare Men

I was fortunate to have been interviewed by Leslie Mann, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, for an article about a study done on young men ages 18-22 which stated that men like smart women, but from a distance. Continue reading

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Is Your Relationship Forever or Likely to Complete?

Earlier I was listening to motivational speaker Lisa Nichols’ Periscope video where she read sections from her upcoming book Abundance Now and I was inspired to share some of her insights. Continue reading

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Find Love by Embracing Your Value

When it comes to relationships, do you find yourself staying in the relationship longer than necessary? Maybe the relationship has completed itself — you’ve broken up or don’t emotionally connect anymore– but you still hold on and can’t seem to move past it. Or maybe you have a history of dating men (or women) who don’t seem to appreciate you, take all that they can from you, yet leave you feeling disappointed, disrespected and low about yourself. Continue reading

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The Dangers of Chemistry

Recently during my coaching calls with clients and in speaking with friends, the subject of chemistry or “connection” has been a topic of discussion. As we all have experienced at some point in our lives, being connected with someone of the opposite sex is such an ecstatic feeling! All healthy relationships require connection and chemical attraction, as they are essential ingredients for fulfilling relationships.

Continue reading

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