Maria Akopyan Akopyan Coaching Certified Life and Relationship Coach

Maria Akopyan
Akopyan Coaching
Certified Life and Relationship Coach

What if you could have it all in life and love? Are you ready to feel empowered and have more love, joy, passion and confidence in your life?


I am a certified life and relationship coach with a specialization in helping women to regain their sense of self, their personal power and especially their confidence so that they can have the healthy and loving relationships they so deeply desire. Prior to becoming a coach, I graduated law school, became a Juris Doctor with a concentration in children’s rights advocacy and worked in various family law firms in southern California.

While regularly assisting couples with their divorce, I would witness their dire animosity towards one another and sadly the traumatic affects these dynamics had on the children involved. Even worse, I handled several domestic violence cases where I met with abused women who had stayed in dangerous relationships because they lacked the strength to leave the relationship before it became toxic. As a lover of psychology and human conditions, I made it my personal mission to understand how our earliest experiences of love shape our “love blueprint” and how that old programming causes us to attract the relationships that we end up having as adults.

Through the knowledge, understanding and insights I gained from working with couples, along with lessons from my own personal struggles in relationships, I developed a specialty in helping women understand how their thoughts, emotions, actions and past traumas are contributing to the status of their present relationships; why they find themselves in patterns of attracting unavailable men, settling for less than they deserve, or end up losing their identities in relationships. By helping women become aware of how they internalized their past experiences, I support them in shifting their negative beliefs and releasing the past so that they can manifest relationships that boost their confidence, rather than drain their energy and esteem.

As a woman who has also had my fair share of failed relationships in the past, heartbreak, settling for several unavailable men, and low self-esteem, I truly understand how painful these relationships can be and the tremendous toll they can have on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Having undergone YEARS of personal inner work and transformation, I am ECSTATIC to be able to share with you that I now enjoy a miraculous life with the man of my dreams and, most importantly, enjoy an amazing relationship with myself!

I now teach women how they too can transform their lives and relationships through the spiritual principles and practical tools that not only changed my life, but also the lives of thousands of women who also have used these same tools. As a practitioner and teacher of yoga, meditation, the law of attraction, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), affirmations, visualizations and chakra healings, I incorporate these principles in my coaching sessions as well so my clients receive a holistic approach to their wellness.


If you are ready for positive changes, I am excited to be able to share this information and work with you! Also check out the many programs on personal development, dating and relationships that are available. You too can have the healthy, fulfilling and passionate love that you desire. I will be sharing insights, tips, tools, and spiritual principles in the Live and Love Vibrantly blog which you can immediate begin working with to create your ideal life and love.

Imagine every day being able to feel so adored, cherished and free to be your authentic self; standing strong in your personal power, in a relationship that you can feel secure about with a man who is emotionally mature and able to deeply commit to you.

You can have all of this and MORE! When working with these tools, you will notice that not only will your love life improve, your work, family and friendships will also transform, causing you to feel so confident and unstoppable. You will begin to live and love vibrantly!