What if you could start living the life of your dreams with the love of your life right now? Are you tired of finding yourself in dead-end relationships that drain your energy and keep you feeling stuck? Or maybe you are a strong, career-orientated, successful woman who has been struggling to find the right man that can meet you on your level. Perhaps you find it difficult to let yourself be vulnerable, to let your guard down and allow your partner to see how amazing you really are for fear that it isn’t safe to really be your authentic self.

If you’re ready to break free of the old conditionings that have kept you in unfulfilling relationships and attracting all the wrong men, you are in the right place. I can help you know yourself better by becoming aware of your thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears and deep desires so that you can reframe the thoughts and feelings that aren’t serving you to ones that make you feel empowered. When you subscribe for the Live and Love Vibrantly Newsletter, you’ll learn:

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  • How to allow yourself to be vulnerable without the fear of getting hurt
  • How to let your authenticity and brilliance shine everyday
  • How to date in a way that ensures commitment

If you want to go deeper and see how I can help you reach your ideals, schedule a FREE 45-minute consultation over the phone where we will discuss how together we can move you from where you are are to creating the fulfilling relationship that you so deeply want in your life.

It all begins with YOU. The first and most important step is to declare that you are ready, willing and able to own your power, to make dramatic changes in your relationships (starting with yourself), and to truly believe that you can have it all in life and love!


"I had a 1-hour coaching call with Maria, and in that one hour she helped me get a clear idea of what I wanted in my life and how to get there. She was kind, warm and sincere, and very attentive. I felt that she really cared about what I was saying and was genuine in her feedback and thoughts. Her advice was wise beyond her years, and I saw correlation between her teachings and those of great life coaches I’ve learned from over the years. Maria is definitely someone I would turn to during any struggle, no matter how small, and hold her advice in high regard."- Chloe
"I was feeling depressed after a recent break up. Although I was succeeding in other areas of my life, my romantic relationships had been disappointing. I decided to speak with Maria for the free 45 minute coaching session. This was my first experience speaking to a life coach so I was a little hesitant and nervous. However Maria was so compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable that I felt very comfortable speaking to her. She listened to me vent about my break-up, then she helped me understand what I was feeling, and why I felt the way I did. She also gave me strategies and tips on how to feel better about myself and what I needed to do to move on and be happy. She gave me hope for the future, and she taught me how to love myself more. She gave me a new sense of confidence with her kind-hearted support and guidance. I highly recommend Maria as a life and/or relationship coach!"- Melanie
"My life was completely turned upside down when I was laid off from my job. Even worse, marriage and family is also on hold due to the stress and financial situation. Coaching with Maria gave me the inspiration and tools to explore career opportunities and see different options when I had given up hope. She affirmed that I could make it work. During my session I remember feeling a shift in my body and mind, and that I fully trusted Maria’s guidance. I did not know what to expect at first, but I now have a plan for employment and am taking the steps I need, with motivation, in order to make that happen. I look forward to my future career and staying committed to living a healthy and happy life and surrounding myself with people in which I value.  Maria is excellent and I would recommend her to anyone!!! Maria is positive and knows how to guide you with not only her passion, but her education backing her up. Enjoy her, I know I do!"- Breann
“I am so thrilled to be working with Maria.  She is the BEST!!!  I had asked her to help me with being more in tune with my intuition. I wasn't really sure any coach could help with this. Well, Maria not only helped me, she far exceeded my expectations. After just one session, I was awakened to much more clarity about following and reading my intuition. She guided me through several exercises that proved to be just the perfect match for me. I have worked with several life coaches in the past. But no one has "gotten" me the way Maria did almost from the very start. Maria is highly educated and highly personal. She has an uncanny way of listening to her clients to lead them to their desired results. She is uniquely gifted in helping her clients see past the clutter in their heads to see the desired path crystal clear. I highly recommend Maria if you are looking for guidance in your professional life, your personal life or just to become a much more highly functioning individual. She has a gift. Let her help you to become the person you have always wanted to be.” –Beth Georges
"Before coaching with Maria, I had spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the career path I wanted to choose.  By asking me the right questions and analyzing my thought process, she made me realize that I had subconsciously made certain decisions already.  This realization helped give me a better understanding of what I want to do and where I want to be."- anonymous
"My session with Maria was excellent. I never had a session with a life coach ever. I was nervous at first, but she was very friendly and helpful with me expressing my thoughts. I was searching for answers about my relationship and career. She helped guide me in the right path. I already had the answers she just helped me find them. I learned a lot about myself, felt confident and was ready to work on my goals. I would recommended Maria to anyone who is looking for a life coach. Please take the opportunity to work with her."- Andy
"Living life knowing you are on the right path is something that most people never know. I’m the type of person that never thought I needed coaching in anything, let alone my own life. The opportunity to talk to Maria about my life in a space where I felt safe and free of judgment allowed me to actually verbalize for the first time things that I’ve never shared with anyone else.  Just being able to truly express myself lifted the proverbial weight off my chest as I was able to explore aspects of my life for the first time from outside of my own narrow point of view.  That perspective was invaluable as it allowed to truly orientate myself in my own true self.  I can proceed confidently into the future and I’m ready for whatever may come.  I no longer feel self conscious and stuck in my ways.  Instead, I look at the future with confidence that I am on the right path and will lead the life I chose."-J.D.
"I contacted Maria after a professional event in spring of 2015.  During my initial consultation, she gained my trust by reflecting back on my own personal and professional concerns with care.  After a few sessions, I began releasing self-critical doubts, and a space opened where I could see change as a possible reality, where deep personal confusion about my own success could be overcome. Since working with her, ‘my self-pity/shame story‘ that has created limitations has  begun to dissipate, and I’ve begun shifting toward solutions with tangible steps that help me connect with what I’m truly capable of. I had no idea that working with someone in this capacity could clear a path in such a short time, and though challenging, genuine shifts in myself  take place without a minute wasted. It is an investment that has been well worth my time, and one with monumental returns. I recommend Maria as an invaluable first step. "- Chris
“I just had my first session with Maria and already feel inspired to accomplish my goals. Maria was engaged and asked thoughtful  questions which helped me to think strategically and be more action oriented. Her personable character provided a comfortable coaching session.” – Michelle